Ocean Safari

The nature of the modern lives that we live have led us to get secluded from nature. Most people do not have the opportunity to experience nature at its fullest and amazing animals that reside in the great outdoors. This is especially true for different species of flora and fauna that are residing in the oceans. There is not much that we know about the deepest parts of the oceans and the knowledge that we have a part of these parts is in some cases, less than the knowledge that we have about the surface of Mars. This means that most people do not have the opportunity to look at the great animals that are present in the natural habitat, that is the ocean.

Inhumane Means to Look at Animals

Means exist to have a look at these magnificent creatures but in some cases, these means can be extremely cruel to the creatures that are in question. One such means of looking at these great creatures is through the large corporations which capture and keep these magnificent creatures inside artificial pools and tanks. This is not only inhumane for the creatures that are kept in these tanks, but it is also morally wrong because these creatures are accustomed to roaming around the open waters where they can easily swim hundreds of kilometres every day, this is extremely unnatural for these creatures as they are confined in small spaces which is extremely small, when considering the open oceans that they roam.

At Coral Bay Ecotours, we recognise the inhumane practices that are prevalent in safari industry and therefore, we provide a safari experience which is free from all these inhumane practises. We do not capture and imprison large animals in artificial tanks and tools, but we instead take the safari into the natural environment. This means that we will take our customers on to the ocean where they can experience the beauty of these animals in their natural habitat. Confident swimmers can even dive down into the ocean and come up close to the animals. We provide expert guidance as to how to remain safe when in proximity to these large animals, and also provide the adequate care that is necessary to facilitate the swimming and the entire experience. We provide a range of different tours, including the Ningaloo whale shark tours, which means that you will have a great experience no matter what kind of animal you prefer to watch.

All in all, if you need a quality safari experience for the great oceans then you need look no further than Coral Bay Ecotours. With our practice is being extremely humane because we bring the safari into the natural environment, you can rest assured that you will have a pleasurable time with our safari, without causing any torture to the animals involved.