Historic Sites To See While In Macau

Visit here and enrich your life by absorbing the history and culture of this small but vibrant part of south China. This Asian holiday destination is a UNESCO world heritage site with an abundance of historical locations that will only add to your knowledge of the world once visited. It has a strong history of the East and West blending together due to it being under the Portuguese since the middle if the sixteenth century up until the nineties when it once again came under Chinese rule. So here is a list of just a few locations that are immersed in history and will surely make your trip worthwhile.

Guia Hill

Guia is both a lighthouse and also a fort that lays atop a hill. Built in 1865 it was a place of significance for the Portuguese colonists who used it as a watch tower. The best part about visiting Guia Hill is being able to take the cable cars which are always a fun experience and the views of the city are breath-taking.

Sun-Yat- Sen Memorial House

This place is probably less exciting than the other sites but is a big part of China’s history none the less. It is a museum and the home of the man known as the ‘Father of Modern China’, Dr. Sun Yat Sen who was a revolutionary force remembered among the Chinese for having played a key role in ending the Qing Dynasty. But if you feel like being in the house of a historic figure is not good enough for you then there are always more exciting options like the House of Dancing Water Hotel package where you can go and stay and also watch the amazingly told fictional story of the fishermen of Macau. 

Maritime Museum

The museum will truly give you insight into the lives of the locals and their strong connection with the ocean. The museum displays the tools, clothing, techniques and fascinating traditions of the fishermen.

A- Ma Temple

This is the oldest of the Chinese temples in Macau dating back to 1488 when it was first constructed. The beautiful temple was inexistence well before the Portuguese colonists arrived which makes it a place of great historical importance. In fact, the island is named after the goddess ‘A- Ma’ who the temple was made for. Each part of the temple is truly a treasure to behold. The temple gives you a glimpse of the way of life of the locals who lived there centuries ago. If you’re willing to splurge a bit on your holiday while still wanting to stay near to the temple in order to explore it at leisure but also get a hotel worth the price, then check out the Nice Banyan Tree Macau package.

This vacation destination provides a unique experience with its East meets West atmosphere, culture, architecture and deep history so stick to this list of historic things to see and you cannot go wrong since you will surely enjoy the rich delights of Macau’s history.