Going On A Cruise? Here Are Some Tips For Deciding:

So you want to go on a cruise? Well, you got one little problem first: where to go, when, with whom and what type of cruise? There are so many choices nowadays that it can be overwhelming.

Just look at the options at the tips of your fingertips: Australian cruises, Mediterranean, Caribbean, River cruises (like down the fjords in Norway, the Danube in Europe and the Nile in Egypt) and even transatlantic ocean cruises (like from New York to London for instance)

Then there is the other thing to consider, what time of cruise? There are party cruises, themed cruises, relaxing cruises, and even cruises aimed at certain demographics (single, family or couples).

So many options, so many choices; each offers their own little thing, that others don’t. So how to make the choice?

So to make things easier for you, we’ve decided to drop off some tips:

1. Time of year and location. One of the first things to do is decide when you want to go on whale watching season in Hervey Bay. For example, if your looking at Mediterranean cruises, they are only offered in the European summer months (April to September). Same applies to ocean crossing cruises, where companies do it during the months that shipping companies can reposition their ships to match the high seasons’ tourist industry. Decide the date first.

2. Decide on the length of your cruise. Most cruises go for around 7 nights, but there are options for less days (3 to 4 days) and more (well over a month). It all comes down to where and how long you want to go for. For a first timer, best take a shorter trip. The experience might help you decide next time if you want to go for a long run.

3. Which cruise to choose. Once you got the basics narrowed down, it’s up to you decide the choice of which cruise line and ship you are interested in taking. Some cruises might take a smaller number of people compared to others, while some have much larger groups (don’t stress about being crowded out, huge ships have lots of space!)

4. Your Personality. Sounds weird, but in fact, its probably the most important decision to make, especially when it comes to determining your cruise enjoyment. For example, if your single person looking for party cruises, going to a Disney Cruise Line isn’t going to help. They are catered for families, just like Carnival Cruises cater to a party atmosphere for adults. Looking at what cruises offer is big decision, because in the end could make or break your trip.

Choosing a cruise can seem overwhelming, but the main point is wither down the little bits and pieces to decide which cruise you want and the one that’s going to give you the greatest holiday experience.